Top 5 [WWE] Wrestling Games for Kids

Wrestling games are most loving games for the kids because they love fighting. Play the wrestling games and be a champion like John Cena. There are many platforms that provide you to play games with single or multiple mode options. You need to install the flash player to play offline and online. But you can also download its swf files and play offline on your computer. Here are the top 5 Wrestling games for kids:

  1. WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy is a professional wrestling video game, it includes the short entrance scene it means the game start when the wrestler is standing inside the ring for fighting. There are many modes for the player that you are wondering. It includes different types of matches and its developers are making more efforts to make it more unique and flawless. They announced that they are adding more matches and modes to it.

  1. WWE 2K14

The updates in the WWE 2k14 made it lovable for his fans. The story of this game includes above than 40 WrestleMania real-time matches featuring the Big John Studd. In DLC, it features the 2 members of the NWO. The gameplay of WWE 2k14 become more easy and smoother. A new mode is added in it named as Streak mode. This mode allows you to defend or defeat the undertaker wrestler. Some Kids love playing wwe games – Play wrestling games online.

  1. WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain

In the previous version of the WWE, there are predefined rules for the player to move or to hit the opponent. But in this version, all the rules and the restrictions have been removed. Now the player can hit in any style and drop down the opponent outside the ring, building hitch down or the helicopter hitch down, and at the time of the entrance. He can also use the elbow drop off. These features made it one of the best wrestling game.

  1. Def Jam: Fight for New York

WCW games are introduced by the AKI, and they are working on it since 2001. Then they made the partnership with eth WWE and made a branded name in the gaming world. Def Jam: Fight for New York is the first game, it is fast and has good graphics. It includes the group of rappers for some reasons. This was the biggest hit of them but their next series Def Jam: Icon had not made success as the previous one.

  1. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

There is a big competition between the Fire Pro Wrestling Returns game and WWE game. Many gamers argue that fire pro is best than WWE as it has 300 wrestlers from campaigns all over the world. Whereas WWE has only 100 wrestlers. You can create more than 500 wrestlers with some similar features of your favorite wrestler. Fire pro developer had made the forum on their official site for the suggestion and improvement tips for the new version. It is difficult but interesting for its deep lover fans. The crazy fan can understand it, and cross the level of difficulty.